There is going to be a limited amount of these albums run. There will be a total of 1000 numbered albums released. There will be some really nice surprises included in 200 of the 1000 Albums produced and sold. They will include items worn by Charlie, one of a kind never seen nor read poems written by Charlie, (All Poems and songs are Signed by him also), maybe some of his personal and used guitar picks. It all depends on what little surprise ends up in your album jacket!! 200 people will get to have a little piece of Charlie's personal history, and a part of Charles himself. 
A great video shot on the Backporch Tapes Set last week in California. Information on the New Album Release.
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         A Tribute to Charles Manson, The Musician, The Artist, and most importantly, The HUMAN BEING!!

How does one summarize over 40 years of wrongful conviction, inhumane treatment, character assassination & false imprisonment? Like most true Artists, Charles Manson does it through his craft. Like a window, allowing us to peer deep within his soul, he frequently lifts the blinds & allows the world a rare glimpse into the madness he calls life. There are many answers for the inquisitive mind lying within each song, within each work of art, within each word spoken. But one must listen with an open heart to truly understand such wisdom. For each word spoken is but another piece of the impregnable puzzle, and another chapter of his life shared with the world. No matter how hard the California Department of Corrections continues to try to silence the atrocities, Manson will always find a way to be free because as long as there is song, Charles Manson will forever be free!!!

There are many misconceptions surrounding every aspect of the life & music of Charles Manson. Some people say Manson has been writing, arraigning & playing music for over 62 years & even though this is partially true, what people fail to realize is that Charles Manson never actually writes his music nor his lyrics down on paper. One hundred percent of Manson's musical & lyrical genius is "Off The Cuff." Straight from his mechanical mind to be remembered forever!! Very few musicians possess such abilities  & it's this ability that bestowed Manson the nickname "The Wizard" back in the 1960's from the great Neil Young.

What you are about to listen to is a Miracle. A Miracle that was lost in time for over 27 years! Recorded back in 1983-1984 while incarcerated at The Vacaville Medical Facility. It was during this time that Manson met fellow Musician & Inmate Eddie Richard Ragsdale, AKA, "RAGS." Together the Wizard & Rags recorded over ten cassette tapes full of new, unheard & unreleased music. Music that was rumored "The Best & Only of its Kind." The only recorded collaboration of Charles Manson with any other musician in history! ​​​​​​Some of these recorded tapes Manson sent out to friends such as T.J Walleman & Ansom 13 but to no surprise, most of the tapes mysteriously disappeared and remained lost for 27 years. For many of those years Manson never stopped searching for the tapes. Tapes that would eventually come to be known as, "The Lost Vacaville Tapes." 

To no avail, many of Manson's closest of friends & confidants would search high & low for these Vacaville Tapes. It was not until recently (2011-2012) that the tapes began to surface. From America to Germany, some of the "Lost Vacaville Tapes" were slowly being released but it wasn't until now, only one has surfaced with Rags' collaboration on it & yes, you're holding it in your hands now!

Enjoy this 37-minute journey back in time. To a time most relate to Manson's musical prime. A time where Manson was allowed to be free to record his music & share a part of his life with those closest to him. A gift he frequently gave but today is no longer allowed to give. However, like any true Outlaw, Manson will always find a way....... A way to share, a way to give, a way to express, a way to create, a way to live & a way to be free!

Listen to every second of this record in celebration of the will, the mind, the life and the man who refuses to be confined. A man who will live forever through his music & forever be free to live..... All The Way Alive in ATWA!​​​​

The Albums are out and selling very well..... Thanks to everyone for their support. You can purchase the Limited Edition albums on the following websites.,,

The sound quality is second to none, the music is absolutely unbelievable, and the entire finished project turned out so much better then even I thought it would.

Keep in mind that the first 200 albums are still Limited Edition, hand numbered, and will include something owned, used, or worn by Charlie himself. I can promise each and every one of you, there will be no disappointment with any of these albums.

Thanks to everyone for their support on this release, and your patience. (I guarantee it was worth the wait)


Ben Gurecki​​​​​​​​​​​

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